Akvareller av Jörgen Landehag

Akvareller av Jörgen Landehag

Galleri Fågel ställer ut Jörgen Landehag 4 maj - 26 maj 2019

Light is the alpha and omega for Jörgen Landehag, the motif is secondary to the very depiction of light. He prefers to paint outdoors, sometimes from memory.

Parallelly with his "inborn impressionism", as Arne Isacsson called it, Jörgen Landehag works as a pediatrician. The children in the hospital ward inspire him. He draws together with them and through their drawings he gets their "help" to find out how things are. "They cannot perhaps talk about what troubles them, but they can draw figures, without arms", he says. 

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2019-03-13 21:39
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